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The IRS is increasingly focused on early detection of tax issues and coordinated enforcement, while state and local authorities are also escalating their efforts to collect all taxes due from those under their jurisdictions.  In these cases, an expert tax lawyer must be brought in at the earliest possible stage to avoid costly or sensitive tax issues.

The tax team at the Walton Firm includes senior lawyers, auditors, and professionals who specialize in state and federal taxation, as well as with tax procedure and litigation. We routinely represent clients in suits filed with US Tax Court or Federal District Court; or the U.S. Claims Court - whichever is appropriate for their case needs.

We not only offer advice on tax procedures, but we also keep clients informed about any changes in the law. We monitor and provide updates for cases where disputes are being resolved by novel means or case law is emerging that could affect our client's interests.

United States Tax Court

The US Tax Court is a federal court that Congress established to provide a judicial forum where an entity could contest a tax deficiency determined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) before paying the disputed amount.

Georgia Tax Tribunal

The Georgia Tax Tribunal (GTT) is a specialized court which was established as an autonomous division within the Office of State Administrative Hearings.

US District Court Cases and Court of Federal Claims

The US District Court Cases and Court of Federal Claims are Federal Courts that hears tax cases when the taxpayer has paid the tax debt and requested a refund from the IRS and the IRS has denied the refund.

US District Court Cases (Criminal):

The IRS initiates criminal investigations against taxpayers and tax preparers for tax fraud and evasion, such as unreported income, a false statement, the use of an impermissible accounting or banking service, or declaring too many deductions.

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