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Whether you are facing a tax audit, tax litigation, tax controversy or your business is in need of a corporate counsel, we deliver the right solutions to clients in all states.

Tax Litigation

Count on The Walton Firm to relieve your worries by analyzing defense arguments; anticipating tax law interpretation and court judgments to provide you effective tax representation.

Tax Controversy

Has the IRS or state challenged your tax returns? You need experts who know the law to represent you. The Walton Firm can provide you the experts you deserve.

Corporate Counsel

A business' success is never an accident. Whether you are forming, growing, franchising, or selling your business, it is important to have an experienced corporate attorney. The Walton Firm handles an array of legal business concerns from employees and business agreements to business litigation and tax disputes and issues.

Tax Resolution

No one wants to face a tax debt, however, The Walton Firm can make sure you are prepared when you meet with the IRS/state. Our tax experts can help you at any stage of a tax

Speaking Engagements & Seminars

We speak to business owners, shareholders, and their employees at meetings or retreats to help them better understand their business and how it relates to corporate and tax law.

Tax professional training

Let us train your tax professionals. Your tax professionals will learn about the most recent updates in the tax laws, even those not highlighted in traditional tax professional training courses.

Client taking consultation on Tax related issues

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The Walton Firm offers a large array of Corporate Law and Tax services to suit your needs.